Recently, glass panels have become incredibly popular. They are thin and provide light transmission, which is particularly important for small spaces. 


Glass Interior Doors Options

The most popular configuration is the wooden glazed door. This may be a combination of a thin wooden frame around a glass panel, a wooden door with a glass window, or some whimsical design. 

All-Glass Doors

Glass doors from trusted manufacturers are safe. Even when broken, this glass will not cut you! It crushes like a crystal. 

Glazed Doors

The more glass there is – the more light goes through. These doors are perfect for dark rooms. Glazing is also common in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

French Doors 

This is a pair of sliding, hinging, or revolving doors. The glass in the slab is from the bottom to the top. They open away from each other, and look charming when they are made of clear glass. Consider a stile and rail model constructed from many vertical and horizontal pieces with a certain number of panels.

Safety Issues

Here is how to choose the best glass doors for your interior and safety.


To make glass stronger, manufacturers expose it to prolonged firing. Tempering gives it incredible resistance to impact and deformation. This is why even all-glass doors are safe!

Thermal Insulation

Modern technology makes glazing energy efficient. Glass quality is key. Focus on the heat transfer coefficient, which is calculated as U [W / (m2 · K)]. It should not be higher than 1.3 W / (m2 · K) for the entire glazing. Generally, the lower it is – the less heating will cost you. Improper assembly or installation may cause a loss of heat.

Types of Glass coloration

Doors made entirely of colored glass are still uncommon, but they can be an impressive addition to your interior.

Frosted Glass

This material allows light to enter the room, but also provides privacy. Frosted glass is a common choice for bathrooms.

Sandblasted Glass with Ornament

These doors can have unique patterns formed by high-pressure sand. It creates tarnishing. 

Transparent Glass

This is a rare choice for all-glass doors, as everything is visible. It looks good on white French doors.

Patterned Glass

The texture may not allow enough light to go through. However, it is a great choice for white doors – the combination looks fresh.

Stained Glass<

This is the priciest option that can look luxurious. The work of a real master creates a unique atmosphere.

Glass Door Construction

Here are the two most popular types.

Sliding Doors With Glass or All-glass (Also Pocket)

Sliding models are space savers and look impressive between the bedroom and the en-suite bathroom. All moisture will remain contained.

Swinging (Hinged) Doors With Glass or All-glass

These doors require more space to open, and they should never be opened into a hall. The direction may be customized. Swing doors are the most common choice.

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