Interior Doors for Children’s Room


A door to the children’s room should meet stringent safety criteria. This space is where kids create their own universe. To them, a door is an entry to this world, not an impersonal piece of wood. 

Door Design That Is Appropriate for Kids’ Room

Make sure the model is the right size and matches the overall interior. It should resemble the doors to any adjacent rooms. You can choose a door with a different design on each side. The one facing the hall can look modest, while the second one can be decorated. 

In general, the most popular type is doors on hinges. There is also a range of sliding models, flush doors, arched doors, double doors, doors with funny patterns, etc. Cartoon characters, animals, and comics are children’s favorites. As they grow, their preferences evolve, and the door design will change. 


Sound Insulation

Parents of newborns should also focus on good sound absorption. For example, traditional wood doors with glazing have decent soundproofing properties. What matters the most is the material and the thickness.



Choose colors that match the interior. It is vital to make sure that any paints of varnishes used are environmentally friendly. Some substances can emit harmful particles.

Playful Chalk Doors

Stimulate your children’s imagination with an interior panel they can draw on. Cover the door slab with chalkboard paint, and let them personalize it. It is fun for parents too!


Doors Safety

Obviously, safety is a crucial factor. The door must be made of environmentally friendly materials. Make sure there are no parts that could harm the child.

Preferable Materials

Wood is a traditional choice. In terms of safety, the most preferable options are oak, birch, pine, beech, larch, and alder. Pine emits essential oils which are good for human health. However, natural wood is relatively pricey, so many parents choose MDF instead. The best choice is a combination of solid wood or veneer with MDF. 

Environmentally Friendly, No Chemicals

The door mustn’t contain any toxic adhesives. Any varnishes must be water-based. Natural wax is another healthy finishing option. Avoid pure MDF as it is less safe. Ask the seller for the quality certificate.

Better No-glazed or All-glass?

Some parents choose a glass door because they want to feel confident in their children’s safety. It is not advisable to choose any form of glazing, as it presents a potential health hazard. The same is true for all-glass doors. 

Thickest Shatterproof Glass

Tempered shockproof glass is difficult to break. This is the only glazing option suitable for a nursery or children’s room. 

Nothing on the Door at the Child’s Head Level

Avoid any accessories positioned at this height. They pose a health risk. 

Locks and Knobs

You can coose fun knobs with cartoon characters, animals, etc. 

Installing a privacy knob is controversial. You may want to respect your children’s privacy. However, it could prevent you from entering it in an emergency situation. 

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