The Most Expensive Interior Doors


Wealthy buyers do not look for ordinary interior doors. They want something to complement a high-end interior. Elite or luxury doors are costly, but their features often justify the price tag. Here are some of the most expensive options on the market today. 

Elite doors are made of premium materials. They always cost a lot of money because their production must be profitable, and costs are high. Producers use state-of-the-art technologies to create real works of art. They are made of natural materials and impress with durability.

Concept of Elite Doors

Elite doors for the interior may have standard or customized measurements. Manufacturers are painstaking in their choice of design and accessories. These doors are not only safe and reliable but also eye-catching. The decor is an important element of the appeal. 

On the most expensive doors, one can find gold-plated elements and different decorations made of silver or copper. Quite commonly, clients order glass mosaics to be integrated. Manufacturers can satisfy the demands of the most capricious buyers.


Types of Luxury Doors

Luxury doors are perfectly warm and soundproof. They provide excellent noise insulation. Such doors do not leave anyone indifferent, whether in a classical or modern interior.

Swing Doors

These are the most sought-after. They look great in spacious apartments and private houses. Swing doors may be opened in one direction only. 

Pendulum Doors

These look like swing doors but allow opening in both directions. 

Folding Doors

These doors resemble books, as they can be folded easily. They look unorthodox and look great in modern luxury interiors. 

Half-Round Doors

These models may be hinged or sliding. They take up a lot of space and often become the interior highlight. 

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be manufactured from a wide range of materials. They can separate rooms or embellish the exit to a balcony. 

Shapes of Luxury Doors

Luxury doors can have any imaginable shape. Some manufacturers can make individual sketches based on their clients’ aesthetic needs. Those who want a space-saving option prefer single doors, while double doors are more dimensional. 


Such doors are made from natural and eco-friendly materials that do not emit any harmful particles. The most popular picks include:

  • hardwood like solid oak (particularly carved);
  • veneer;
  • steel doors of the highest quality for modern interiors (e.g., loft-style);
  • glass or glass with wood.

Exclusive doors are often parts of collections created by world-famous interior designers and decorators. They may cost a fortune. Here is an example.

The Gioconda Shine Door

One of the world’s most expensive doors shows a unique copy of the most famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. The model was created by designer Matilde Durante. It is heavily studded with precious crystals and is one of the ten luxury doors he designed. Decorated with 31,707 Swarovski crystals, the door costs $34,900. The ecological leather used for the slab is one of the most expensive materials. 

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