The bathroom is a utilitarian space, but its door may also be aesthetically pleasing. Discover the best materials and configurations.


Suitable Door Configurations

Barn Doors

These are sliding doors that create a warm and welcoming feel. They look charming between a bedroom and its en-suite bathroom.

Pocket Doors

These doors slide into the wall when opened. This is a great space-saving option and a sneaky detail you can enjoy daily. 

Bypass Doors

Bypass doors consist of two sliding slabs one of which is hiding behind the other one when closed. They allow convenient entry and exit from either the left or the right side. 

Sliding Doors With Concealed Mechanism (“magic”)

Magic doors move along a doorway using a mechanism concealed behind the canvas.


Bathroom Door Materials

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors can be made of softwoods like pine, or hardwoods like oak. 


Tempered glass ensures durability. It may be frosted, transparent, or colored. 

Wood and Glass

This is a combination of a wooden frame and a panel made of tempered frosted glass. 

MDF and Wood

MDF is made from recycled and recovered wood fiber. It may contract and expand.


Suitable Bathroom door materials

Solid Wood

Such doors look like solid pieces of wood. They are resistant to warping if the finishing is suitable. 


Doors of tempered glass are durable, and they give the space a modern look. Frosted and stained glass provides privacy. 

Wood and Glass

This combination gives you the best of both worlds. Such doors look classy and modern. 


Suitable Door Constructions for Bathroom

Glazed Wooden Doors

This is a wooden frame with a glass panel. One of the most popular choices. 

Frosted and Stained Glass Doors

Doors with a unique look. Textured glass provides privacy. 

Doors with Built-in Mirror Panels or Mirror Frames

These are practical solutions. The mirror may be mounted on the door or integrated into it.  

Wood Panel Doors

Wood makes sense when the separation of the bathroom is a matter of privacy. 

Panel Doors With Glass Panels

Glass panels can provide a unique look, and they are commonly used for French doors. They can make up most of the structure.

Door Finish Suitable for Bathroom Doors


Paint with gloss or semi-gloss sheen will make the doors easy to clean. 


Laminated finishing is resistant to abrasion and easy to maintain.


This is a thin leaf of massive wood. The best veneer doors delight fans of natural materials. 


Doors covered with the 3D polypropylene foil have a structured surface and plastic relief. Aesthetics, water-resistance, and abrasion resistance are high.


Bathroom Door Hardware

Privacy Locks

A bathroom should be easy to access, but it must allow privacy. These locks may contain a push-lock mechanism or allow thumb turn.

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