These doors are the bestsellers. They are diverse and suit both homes and workspaces. Should you go for hardwood or softwood? Follow our tips to choose the best internal doors.


Softwood doors

Pine Doors

Pine is an excellent material for residential and commercial spaces. It is classified as softwood, as it comes from a coniferous tree. Pine is relatively affordable. Pets or kids may cause scratches and dents on the surface, but it is easy to refinish and repair. 

Knotty Pine Doors

This type matches homes with a country feel. These are doors with a strong character. They may be covered with sealant or stained. All the visible defects create a special charm. 

Solid Pine Doors

Doors made of solid wood are the priciest, but they offer good value for money. They are durable, ensure excellent sound and heat insulation, and feel heavy. Such doors can even boost the value of your property. 

Are Pine Doors Good?

Pine doors have a simple conventional look and may be used for any room. Stick to the classical clear finish, or go for the rustic look. You can even use an unfinished door as a canvas for your creativity. 

Alder Doors

This softwood has a plain straight grain. You can have it stained to imitate another type of wood or paint. Alder is more expensive than pine but cheaper than hardwoods. On the downside, it is relatively easy to dent or scratch. 

Hardwood Doors

These are doors made of wood that comes from deciduous trees. Despite the term itself, hardwood is not always studier than softwood. If a door is classified as just ‘hardwood,’ it may be made of a mix of woods or of some obscure type of hardwood. 

Walnut Doors

This type of hardwood is sturdy and grained, which makes it a relatively ornate option. The colors range from yellow to dark brown. Like oak and hardwood doors, walnut models also have the look and feel of high quality. They close with a ‘clunk’ rather than a ‘click.’ Veneered walnut adds the wow factor. 

Maple Doors

Maple is a durable hardwood with a dense grain that lasts for years. It is rarely stained or painted.  As the material is harder to work with, these doors are more expensive than mid-grade wood alternatives. Maple is a premium hardwood.

Oak Doors

There are different types of oak doors, but the oak veneer is the most popular. Oak is good for both internal and external doors. The material can give them a modern look, or have a conservative feel. So, is oak better than pine?

Oak Doors Vs. Pine Doors

Oak is a hardwood, while pine is a softwood. The latter is only slightly less resistant to the swelling and shrinking. Pine is a cost-effective option while oak is more durable. It is strong, dense, and hard. Both types are light in color and ideal for the home or offices. The grains make them attractive.

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